onsdag 11. november 2009

Tech-ed Europe 2009 has started

I thought I'd make a couple of notes here from tech-ed Berlin. It's now Tuesday and we have quite a bit left. Am sitting at my hotel room with a fever.. *grin*. Hopefully German medicine will have me up and running by tomorrow.
For now I have three people that are must sees if you have the possibility:

Udi Dahan
This guy is pure brilliance. He is a innovator and comes up with flexible scalable solutions in a ridiculously simple manner. In addition he is a fantastic speaker.

Ralf Westphal
His session was about architecture. To say he is an expert on the area is an understatement. He has very firm opinions on how you should handle abstractions and single responsibility, and I love it. He gives it to you straight and he has realized the fact that writing good software is hard work.

Magnus Mårtensson
Joined this guy for two sessions on flexible design and MEF. He has tons of experience in software design. He is extremely enthusiastic about his profession and through the sessions he shared some very cool solutions!

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