lørdag 21. august 2010

New challenges, starting my own business

Times are changing and in a bit more than a week I'll be starting up a company with four others. I was asked to join them and after some thinking I said yes. Now I'm throwing myself off the cliff having a firm belief that wings will grow before I hit the ground :)
So what is the company about? Our goal is providing skilled, experienced people specialized in their field. All five of us have our own specialties that go we'll together from developer to analyst. From a business point of view we have deep knowledge with enterprise software specially oil/energy trading and business applications. The company has gotten the name Contango Consulting AS.

I am very excited about realizing a dream of being responsible for my own future. Trying to do my own thing. It's going to be tough and I'll probably learn more in a year than I have done up to now. I'm also certain that this blog will be affected by this. Hopefully it can result in my learnings ending up here for others to enjoy. And of course if any of you are in need of a skilled .NET developer / architect / trainer don't hesitate to let me know :) You can view more detailed information about me here.

-Svein Arne

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  1. A new start is always a challenge. And you have everything it takes to succeed: the dream, the belief and the talent. Good luck!