tirsdag 15. februar 2011

AutoTest.Net no longer in beta!

Finally AutoTest.Net has reached it's first official release. There has been tons of contributions since last beta release and most of it has been coming from the Mighty-Moose project (www.continuoustests.com). Amongst others AutoTest.Net now has it's own test runner that hosts NUnit and XUnit (more to come). This means that there is no longer need to manually configure these test runners. Also the configuration as it is today is set to 64bit/Visual Studio 10. So if that's your setup no configuration needed for MSBuild or MSTest either.

New features

  • New hosted test runner (AutoTest.TestRunner)
  • MSpec is now supported thanks to contributions from Alexander Groß himself. For now it has to be manually configured but it's planned to get it supported in our hosted runner.
  • Support for either watching a directory or a solution
  • When watching a solution you can choose to build the solution instead of individual projects
  • Setting for running failed tests first

For a direct link to the the new version try this one https://github.com/downloads/acken/AutoTest.Net/AutoTest.Net-v1.1.zip.

From what I see there are actually quite a few users out there. Still there is not too much feedback. There have been some talk about both the WinForms and the Console UI. If you have questions or want to discuss join our group http://groups.google.com/group/autotestnet. And I will encourage anyone to report anything they want considered changed / added to the issues list on github (https://github.com/acken/AutoTest.Net). Let's together make this an awesome piece of software!

-Svein Arne

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