fredag 12. august 2011

The Moose Shows Some Community Love

As ContinuousTests moves along getting more features we feel it's important to give some love to the community too. For those new to the subject ContinuousTests is based on the source of open source AutoTest.Net. AutoTest.Net is continuously improved and extended through the development of ContinuousTests but we can do better than that. Let's show some real community love :)

We will over the weekend push the Visual Studio addin part of ContinuousTests back into the AutoTest.Net code along with some essential features.

Feedback View
The feedback view from ContinuousTests inside Visual Studio where you are able to easily navigate through build and test failures. Also goto source by clicking on stack lines, errors or the test itself.

Various Features

  • Right click inside code / solution explorer / Class View to run tests
  • Debug tests from the feedback window or by right clicking inside a test and choosing debug
  • Build all projects and run all tests
  • Pause and resume AutoTest.Net engine

Right now using AutoTest.Net vs using ContinuousTests are light years apart. With these changes implemented AutoTest.Net will get the same efficient workflow ContinuousTests provide. And it will be a valid alternative for those of you that can live with not just running affected tests and all the other goodies ContinuousTests contains.

Get your antlers on!

TheMoose team
Greg & Svein

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